Professional Writing Stuff

Below are a few samples of my work. I tried to pick a nice assortment, but if you’re looking for something specific, I’ll happily provide.



Video content

running too many tests

This is an video I produced for Sprinklr (click on image to play) about common mistakes in social advertising.

Involvement: writing, concepting, creative direction, project management.



long-form content

uyen nguyenThis is a whitepaper I put together on content marketing.

Involvement: writing, editing, creative direction, project management, external outreach.


blog content

mobile marketing

Full article can be found on Click here to view.

This is a blog post I put together to support a whitepaper around social mobile marketing (I also put together the whitepaper).

Involvement: researching, writing.


copywriting (print)



This is an ad for Macy’s Fashion’s Night Out… otherwise known as: the only time I will ever appear in Vogue.

Involvement: copywriting.



copywriting (digital)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was the lead copywriter for Macy’s teen fashion sitelet. This involved writing all the product and creative copy for every update.


short-form storytelling

macy's parade

This is a small (but super fun) project I put together* for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The task was to create biographies for each of the balloons in the Macy’s Parade.

Involvement: writing, concepting.

*Please excuse the poor design. I have very limited skills with Illustrator.



Whenever I have to call a company’s 1-800 number, I set aside at least an hour. I also set aside a lot of patience. Between being on hold, getting re-routed, and the occasional dropped call… an hour might even be cutting it close.

As a customer, I dislike customer service.

As a marketer, I sympathize.

When you’re a multibillion-dollar conglomerate with hundreds of locations worldwide, efficiency equals survival. Functions like call centers enable you to process thousands of customer inquiries as quickly as possible – all while spending as little money as possible. This is efficiency at its finest.

Full article can be found on Forbes. Click here to view.

This is a post I wrote for one of our executives about customer service. The article appeared on Forbes.

Involvement: researching, writing.



Brand Guidelines



This is a messaging style guide for a hospitality brand based in Hong Kong.

Click here to read the full version.

Involvement: writing.


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